Why You Shouldn’t Ever, Ever Buy Imitation Alloys

If you’ve ever been tempted to cut costs by buying ‘cheap’ alloys from the internet, then you need to watch this video. Filmed in Australia by Mercedes Benz, the video depicts a pothole test between two sets of alloys. One is a genuine set provided by a reputable dealer, the other is a set purchased from a mysterious outlet on the internet. The results are terrifying.

At only 50 KM/H, the experiment’s high speed cameras capture a section of the fake wheel, fitted to a Mercedes Benz CLA shooting brake cracking and breaking away. Given that this speed is just over 30MPH, this is truly frightening – not only could fake wheels prove dangerous for those inside the car, but with fragments flying off they also pose a risk to those outside the car.

alloy-wheel-fakeThe video’s presenter sums it up nicely. “It’s a matter of public safety”, he says. Furthermore, it’s not always easy to tell which alloys are real, as the imitations can often be very convincing. In fact, “It’s only when you turn it around that you can see what’s the real deal”, says the commentator, demonstrating where the criminals have ground off the part numbers on the fake wheels.

This video really drives home the fact that saving a few pounds is not worth risking someone’s life. Please do watch and remember to always use recognised alloys from reputable dealers, or simply get your current alloys repaired, it’s a whole lot cheaper too!


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