Top Tips for Summer Driving

Driving on a warm summer’s day in a dream car is something many of us wish we could do. Now the warm weather has started to appear, it can be achieved depending on how to drive during the summer. The top tips you need to know about include:

• Look out for punctures: Summer driving can make your tyres prone to punctures because of the increased heat. Monitor tyre pressure to see how your tyres are holding up in warmer weather.

• Monitor coolant levels: When your car overheats, it can be stressful because only your car will know when it is cool enough to function. This is where you can watch the coolant levels to keep the temperature of the car at the right levels.

• Eat light: Experts recommend that you shouldn’t have heavy meals before driving especially in summer. This is because heavy meals and hot weather can make you tired and fatigued whether you are driving short or long distances.

• Save on fuel by managing air conditioning: One strategy includes allowing air conditioning to cool the car down while driving and then lower the AC usage to save on consumption. Another tip is don’t use air conditioning if you have the windows down as well.

• Be aware of tractors: Part of the British countryside’s rich heritage, tractor drivers actually are not required to have indicator or brake lights if they are used during the day. They are only required at night; this means that when you are driving, be aware of them during the day because they could turn unexpectedly. Keep a good distance from them for a smooth summer driving experience.

With these summer driving tips, enjoying the warm weather will be second nature to you for all types of car journeys.

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