Top 5 SUV Tyres

Tyres on a SUV are critical to the driving experience and performance of the car whether you are at the helm of a G-Wagon or a Range Rover. Take a look at some of the top choices for SUV tyres if you are looking to supercharge the performance of your luxury SUV:


1) Continental Cross Contact L X 20 Eco Plus
These tyres are affordable and they are also durable during all types of weather such as snow and rain. These tyres also do well on dry terrain because of how they were manufactured. If you are looking for SUV tyres that will be workhorses for your car, these Continentals are the ones to choose.


2) Michelin L T X ms2
There is nothing like a set of tyres from Michelin and the LTX ms2 are fantastic examples of craftsmanship. Due to this, you get what you pay for which is why these tyres have a higher price tag compared to rivals. They are known for being excellent tyres for all seasons which is ideal for drivers who live in places where the weather changes frequently.


3) Kumho S A T Road Venture K L 61
These tyres are budget options that can deal with the basics of SUV driving. You shouldn’t expect them to do well in aggressive conditions; however they can handle terrain like sand and mud. The top feature about these tyres is they are known for their long lifespan so if you are looking for SUV tyres that can go the distance, Kumho is the brand to choose.


4) Cooper Discoverer AT 3
These are the tyres to choose if you want tyres that are ideal for off-road driving. This would suit SUV drivers who want to be off-road for most of the time which is why Cooper manufactured them for aggressive driving off-road.


5) Goodyear Wrangler M T R
Road conditions that are hard and extreme can be tackled by Goodyear. These tyres can be used in most driving conditions but they truly shine when they are used off road in the toughest conditions.


These SUV tyres offer something fresh and new for drivers who want to give their luxury SUVs the platform they need to perform to the highest level. Choosing the right tyres is important for the best driving experience – pick the ones that suit you from this list.

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