Skoda’s superpram is turning heads

First, we have supercars and now, there are superprams! Skoda has unveiled its all terrain Mega Man-Pram which features all terrain tyres and hydraulic suspension. Skoda sees this man-pram as the ultimate baby carrier which is fit for a king. It is supersized and it commands attention, especially judging from the pictures of the Man-Pram which have now gone viral all over the Internet.

The inspiration for the Man-Pram was to create a car-like feel to every day products. This is why a pram was chosen and judging from the Man-Pram’s proportions, Skoda’s designers and engineers took this project seriously.

The Man-Pram is the companion to the Octavia vRS from Skoda. The Man-Pram came to be because of research done into how fathers deal with
having children. A survey of around 1,000 fathers found that the majority of them would spend more money on prams if there was one stylish enough for them. This is why the Man-Pram has these gigantic 20” alloys that do more than just grab attention.  In addition to alloys, it has high-specification brakes and wing mirrors.

Talk about luxury modifications, this is the pram for men who love supercars and want this aesthetic injected into the prams for their children. We can’t promise we can help refurbish your pram, but our technicians are on hand to offer great advise on your alloy wheels. Give us a call on 0845 370 8881 now!

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