Remove Wheel corrosion with a Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Refurbishment at Diamond Alloys

Diamond Alloys can take badly corroded alloy wheels and refurbish them back to a brilliant finish. Check out these badly damaged alloy wheels before and after their Diamond Alloys transformation!


Corrosion to alloys wheels can easily happen and will result in your alloys looking damaged, worn and undesirable. Corrosion damage can start from a minor scrape or from a small gravel chip which breaches the protective lacquered layer on your rim allowing water to gain access to the metal. This process of corrosion is encouraged by the increasing amount of salt being spread on the roads during cold and frosty days to prevent cars and other vehicles from skidding. Corrosion is more apparent during the winter months because while dry salt has little effect on exposed metal, as soon as it becomes moist or wet it turns into an electrolyte and allows the passage of a small electrical current that combined with the salts causes a chemical change to occur resulting in corrosion and staining. Deterioration will continue as blisters increase in number and grow in size to form pits in the surface. At the same time the protective finish to the wheel will peel off as the effect of the corrosion spreads. These blemishes look like darkened areas beneath the protective layer with white powdery deposits on areas where the protection has completely failed.

Surface corrosion and blemishes will not compromise the wheels structure, but it will look unsightly. However if allowed to go unrepaired corrosion will eventually cause the wheel to fail. Corrosion has been known to aggravate hairline cracks causing tyre pressure to drop as air is leaked from the tyre.

As you can see from these pictures corrosion will destroy the appearance of your allow wheel and when combined with kerbing will result in alloys that look ready for the scrap heap! However, all is not lost and alloys can be brought back to life with a refurbishment. These wheels were dipped in acid to remove the corrosion, prepped by hand and painted with a dark grey alloy wheel paint before having the face diamond cut to produce this truly stunning finish. The wheels are given a final coat of lacquer to help protect them from the elements. If you alloy wheels have corrosion damage, call Diamond Alloys and we will advise on the best refurbishment available to remove the corrosion and bringing them back to their former glory. Call us on 0845 370 8881 for more information about all our allow wheel repair and refurbishment services.

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