Porsche Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

standard painted alloy wheel Porsche

standard painted alloy wheel Porsche

Take a look at your car and think for a moment ‘How can I improve the look?’ If you are looking at a stunning yellow Porsche you might think that this is not possible, but by simply changing the colour of the alloys you can enhance the look!

Our client brought in his Porsche which had Titan Silver rims and asked our technicians for advice on what colour would work better? Workshop Manager Amerjit Ubhi was happy to assist by showing the client some different options; he said “I suggested a Gloss Black painted finish which I thought would make a superb contrast against the bright yellow of the car. I also suggested black rim bands which help protect the rims from kerbing damage.”

As you can see this was great advice and the shiny black alloys are the finishing touch that the customer was very happy with. In fact he was happy with both our service and the finished product.

To achieve this look or talk to our highly skilled technicians, simply call us on 0845 370 8881 or get an on-line quote us today!

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