Our Latest Stunning Alloys Wheels

Every car needs to look its best and alloys wheels make a stunning embellishment to your car. However, they can be scuffed or damaged easily while driving and parking, so should to be maintained to keep them looking at their best.

Have a look at these damaged alloys, which have just arrived at our London Refurbishment Centre and see how a bespoke alloy refurbishment can bring them back to life.

As pictured below, these alloys wheels are the result of a Diamond Cut process, which is very precise, only taking off the smallest amount of metal to remove the damage ad bring back the profile desired. We know you will agree these look stunning!

At Diamond Alloys, we offer a wide range of alloy wheel refurbishments including a bespoke alloy refurbishment, standard refurbishment and our most popular Diamond Cut service. With help from our trained technicians, your car will be looking the way you want it. Give us a call on 0845 370 8881 and we can recommend a service perfect for you!


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