How to find the right alloy wheel size for your car

Understand the diameter and width of your alloys

If you want to know the size of your wheels, you first need to check the actual radius of your tyre. To find out what the width of your wheels are take a look at wheel itself. Every alloy wheel should have the size on the tyre; you can find this on the outside or sometimes it is stamped on the inside of the alloys or the back of the spokes.


Work with an alloy wheel specialist for more help

Contacting a specialist is a good idea if you are still unsure about what the diameter and width of your alloys is. Many cars use 17” alloy wheels but some cars can even take up to 22” alloy wheels. Consider the size of your car’s body and the body style to see what type of alloy size will fit your car.


Performance alloys and lowering your car

Once you know the correct alloy wheel size for your car, you can then move on to lowering your car so you can maximise the size of the alloy wheels and lower the car without compromising and without incurring any problems.


The right alloy wheel size will improve your driving experience of your car as well as make the car be lighter in weight. Use performance alloys and understand their sizing to enhance your driving experience today.


If you need a alloy wheel repair or alloy wheel refurbishment, let us know your alloy wheel size, what finish you need and we can give you a competitive quote today.


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