How Progressive Auto sees the Gallardo Spyder

Progressive Auto is a Houston, Texas-based tuning specialist established in 1996. The company’s ethos is to individualise cars using the best products on the market. This is clearly visible with the Gallardo Spyder when Progressive Auto got it in its sights. The tuner worked with a baby blue Gallardo, which was a first generation car that has new side sills and extended front arches.

The tuner lived up to its mission to use the best products for customisation by choosing VCK concave alloy wheels by Vellano Wheels. The alloys are 20 inches and the finish is superb as you can see from the pictures. Progressive Auto even went to the trouble to polish the alloys in a matching shade of baby blue just like the exterior of the car.

If you like the bespoke alloys on this Lamborghini Gallardo and you are looking for something similar for your car then call us on 0845 370 8881 and we can recommend a service perfect for you!

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