How Powder Coating works

Powder coating is a technique used to coat any metal with a coating. It is one of the most versatile methods of making metals look glossy or matte (depending on what you want) as well as being able to apply plenty of special effects available. The automotive industry has taken to powder coating especially for alloy wheels repairs.



The details of the Powder Coating process

The basis of powder generic levitra online coating is when pigment and resin are ground to powder and then sprayed onto the surface of the metal, in the case of cars it is usually the alloy wheel metal. The finished results speak for themselves: it offers a high quality finish that is completely even and uniform making a great base surfaced to apply the finished paint effect or finish.


At Diamond Alloys, we use start the process by cleaning the alloy thoroughly in our Aquablast machine to remove dirt and grease. If there is corrosion we will also acid dip the alloy to ensure the wheel is stripped back to basics. It is only at this stage can the powder coating process start. Powder coating is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. This differs from conventional liquid paint and does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form. The coating is typically applied electrostatically and is then baked in a specialist oven to allow it to flow and form a “skin” creates a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint. After the process, the wheels are given some time to cool down before the desired paint colour and lacquer are applied. Finally the tyres are balanced and re-fitted to the tyres. The process itself is done by trained specialists and experts who know how to successfully apply powder coating on alloys for a stunning finish.



The results

Powder coating is the ultimate choice for discerning car owners who want the best for their performance cars as it gives a beautifully uniform layer to start from providing a smoother finished result. Another advantage of powder coating includes its environmental attributes as the powder coating produces less hazardous waste and the overspray from the process can be recycled.


How would it work for you?

Whether you have an Aston Martin or an Alfa Romeo in the garage, the marque of your car will not affect whether or not you can have powder coating on your alloy wheels. The details that matter are fine-tuning your personal specifications such as the diameter of your alloy wheels and the special effects options such as a high gloss finish. Once you know what you want for your alloy wheels, powder coating your alloys with Diamond Alloys will offer you a great result.



Powder coating  can be applied to any colour or finish. We offer a wide range of alloy wheel refurbishments including a bespoke alloy refurbishment, standard refurbishment and our most popular Diamond Cut service. Give us a call on 0845 370 8881 and we can recommend a service for you.


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