Growing Success


We’ve said before that a core goal of Diamond Alloys is to appeal to as diverse a customer base as possible, and we’re pleased to say that our business is now growing faster than ever.


Recently we’ve seen a great jump in business, particularly in the trade sector, and we now have a range of big name dealerships that rely on our services to keep their showrooms sparkling with perfect alloys. We’ve had a lot of great feedback come in (and if you’ve used our service, make sure to leave us a comment), for example we recently worked on some AMG alloys for Dave Cross Body Repairs and they told us they were “Very very pleased with them. We will be sending you some more for sure!”


What’s the key to Diamond Alloy’s success? We think it’s down to our commitment to the three things that customers want the most: a great result, a super-fast service and extremely competitive prices. With Diamond Alloys you know you’ll be getting an industry leading standard of service at a great price and the peace of mind that we guarantee an unbeatable service.

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