Get your wheels ready for winter

As soon as November appeared the weather has turned, and we’re now besieged by cold and rain as well as those early dark nights! Not only does this mean you’ll do much more driving with the lights on, but it’s also a sign that your wheels are now much more exposed to damage. There are, however, easy ways to minimise potential problems and care for your alloys and tyres. As it’s a busy time of year, we’ve put our top types in an easy-to-remember list.

Clear away brake dust.  Brake dust is hugely corrosive, and will do significant damage to your rims if left alone. Created by the friction between brake discs and brake pads, this dust will cling stubbornly to your alloys unless you regularly clear it away. A regular cleaning regime is the best possible prevention of damage from brake dust – see our previous blogs for a step-by-step guide.

Liberally apply cleaning fluid. Cleaning fluid, even top-quality fluid, is many times cheaper than new alloys. Don’t be shy about using lots of cleaning fluid – your investment will save you money later on.

Every tool should be appropriate to the job.  It’s tempting to use an old towel or similar when you’re cleaning, but it’s worth investing in the proper tools for your cleaning regime. They’re not expensive, and having things like a microfibre wash mitt and proper cleaning fluid will make the task easier and more enjoyable.

Apply wax. Wheel wax will seal in the shine of your alloys – keeping them looking sharp all through the winter! It also means you can use a less intensive cleaning regime after application, saving you time and effort throughout the cold weather when you’d rather be inside.

Never be afraid to get expert help. We have a huge range of cleaning tips on our blog, alongside a high-quality repair and maintenance service that will have battered or unloved alloys looking as good as new.

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