Get a New Look For Your Damaged Alloy Wheels

diamond-alloys-refurb-alloy-bmwIf your alloys are damaged and in need of repair, why not treat them to a new look too! It can transform the look of not only your rims but your car too. Not only that, but if you are thinking of selling your car it will help you achieve a higher sales value too.

Customer Robertas Razinskas brought his BMW 5 Series to us at the beginning of the week wanting a colour change on all four of his alloys in addition to the centre caps. As you can see on the before pictures the alloys are badly scuffed on the outer rim. This compromises the protective lacquer layer allowing water to seep in which if left unattended to will cause corrosion.

Customer Robertas came down to our workshop where workshop Manager Amerjit showed him various blow out cards of different colours to help him choose the right shade of paint he was looking for.


This is all part of the service at Diamond Alloys, to ensure every client is happy with the finished result. His alloys were originally Titan silver, however after looking at the paint cards he decided to opt for a darker shade of grey. The colour was much more sophisticated and created an individual look which complimented the colour of the car beautifully. Robertas was very pleased with the finished result.

If you want a new look as good as this, then pop down to our alloy wheel repair center in London today!

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