Why Choose Alloy Wheels?

If you’re new to the world of alloy wheels it can all seem a bit baffling. Before you dismiss alloys as something for boy racers, however, let us explain just why you should consider adding them to your car.

Yes, of course, there is a styling element, and in fact it’s amazing how much of a difference they can make to your car’s looks. Alloys come in a multitude of sizes, patterns and colours, so you can really express yourself by choosing a set that perfectly matches your taste. Alloys can even add extra value to your car, so they’re a good investment too!

Added strength
Good quality alloy wheels can significantly reduce wheel defection when cornering, as they provide increased rigidity. This is particularly useful for cars with high-performance tyres.

Improved acceleration
Alloys provide more responsive acceleration, and indeed braking, because they reduce the weight of the car’s rotational mass.

DSC_6086Increased brake cooling
Alongside the improved brake performance, alloys reduce the risk of ‘brake fade’ because they are better conductors of heat. In addition, the design of many alloys allows more air to flow over the brakes, further decreasing their exposure to heat.

Less weight
The lighter a car is, within reason, the better it performs. Because alloy wheels have a lower unsprung weight – that which is not supported by the car’s suspension – than steel wheels, they contribute to better road holding ability. This means that the driver benefits from more precise steering, and likely lower fuel bills too.

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