Black Ferrari gets the gold touch

Ajet-black Ferrari is definitely a sight to see but when you put gold into the mix, it definitely takes off. You will see on-line Ferrari 458 Italia alloys which are unique because it has not gone for the traditional red coat of Rosso Corsa (as beautiful as it is). The Ferrari 458 Italia ADV.1 Wheels worked on this car to put ADV5TS five-spoke matte alloy wheels in black. These alloys are track-specification which gives the car even more of that supercar edge that you expect from Ferrari. The wheels are given the gold effect with a bronze outer rim which can clearly be seen on the 458 Italia.

Do you like the gold finish on alloy wheels? Our skilled technicians can finish your alloys in gold. Check out our latest gold finishes here below. If you are looking for this kind of look, give us a call on 0845 370 8881 and we will be happy to give a quote!




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