Attracting a Diverse Customer Base


So who, exactly, is alloy wheel repair for? With 70% of road vehicles sporting diamond cut alloys, the answer is ‘almost everyone’.


At present, most of the work that Diamond Alloys does is with prestige brands, ensuring that the quality work such marques demand is met with gusto and most importantly, with a quick turn around time. However, as the number of cars out on the roads sporting alloy wheels increases then the service that Diamond Alloys offers, fast high quality and cheap alloy wheel refurbishment, extends to everyone. Whether you drive a Maserati or a Mini, Diamond Alloys offers the best possible service, and all done in just 24 hours.


Great for consumers, the Diamond Alloys service is extremely desirable for vehicle dealerships and leasing companies. A quick working time and reliability are key components of Diamond Alloys, where investment in the latest laser cutting machinery and high quality staff has produced an industry leading standard of consistency. Diamond Alloys have worked very closely with prestige hire facility Signature Car Hire, who keep coming back thanks to a commitment to the highest standards of alloy wheel refurbishment and the speedy, professional service that Diamond Alloys offers.

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