A Difficult Diamond Cut

diamond-cut-alloy-wheelsThis week we received a Chrysler YpsilonSE alloy wheel from one of our trade accounts; Streamline Accident Repair, with a request to refurbish an alloy wheel which had been badly damaged. On seeing the wheel, our technicians could see the wheel had been diamond cut many times before. The diamond cut process cuts away a very thin layer of metal from the alloy to remove and damage sustained by kerbing, which means only so many cuts can be done before a replacement wheel is required, which is why Streamline asked for our professional opinion on whether another cut was possible.

This wheel was difficulty to cut, however the guys managed to take extra care and made sure it was done at the highest level allowing one last cut to be achieved and a huge bill avoided for the customer in replacing for new. The alloy had a diamond cut face with a grey insert which really accentuates the design of the spokes.

If you are not sure if your wheels can be diamond cut, just email us a picture of pop down to our London workshop, we are just of the A40.



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