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Standard Split Rim

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Diamond Alloys prides itself in being able to cater for a variety of wheel types, including split rims. A split rim has appeal for car enthusiasts because they have a distinctive look that makes a striking finish.

Our skilled technicians paint and diamond cut wheels on location in our London based alloy wheel centre and combining these two techniques is a great way to get a superb look for your split rim. Alternatively, opt for a striking colour combination.

A split rim refurbishment is more work when compared to a standard refurbishment, but you will still be saving money compared to buying new in addition to being able to select a colour to your own taste. The component parts of the split rim are separated and each part is processed individually before being re-assembled once complete.

Diamond Alloys can refurbish two piece rims in addition to cosmetic split rims, although these can vary regarding their suitability for refurbishment. Please email us to discuss your specific type of alloy and we will be happy to advise the best refurbishment option for your rims.

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