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Shadow Chrome Alloys

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If you want a stunning painted refurbishment for your alloy wheels, then Diamond Alloys recommends a shadow chrome effect. A shadow chrome alloy wheel refurbishment will give your rims the effect of a metal finish in the paint.

BMW was among the first motor vehicle marques to use a shadow chrome effect on alloy wheels as far back as 1998-1999. To achieve this desirable look a lot of time and skill in application is required compared to a standard finish painted effect. For this reason we would recommend you use a company like Diamond Alloys that offers this service in their alloy wheel repair centre, as opposed to a smart repair where this finish cannot be achieved.

A shadow chrome finish will produce a ‘gun metal’ finish which is darker in appearance. Our technicians prepare the alloys with an initial powder coated layer in black before being baked under heat to allow it to flow and form a “skin like” base layer that is very durable. Once fully cured, a very thin layer of silver (chrome shadow) paint is sprayed over the powder coat base. Finally, a thin clear coat of lacquer is applied as a final protective layer. The end result is a three-dimensional finish with a nice depth producing a wheel with a striking finish.

This finish is often applied to ensure the car stays in keeping with the looks of an already high spec car or to restore the car to its original condition, perhaps when selling a car or returning a car at the end of a lease. Very often it will be cheaper to have Diamond Alloys carry out the refurbishment rather than buying new or having to pay excess charges by the lease company.
shadow chrome alloys
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