Your Alloys looks much better with Diamond Alloys Services!

Alloy wheels can sustain some pretty hefty damage on the roads. Chips from general driving conditions along with kerbing and dents from poor parking can all take its toll on your alloys. Not only do you have this to contend with, but alloy wheels, if not maintained properly can become prone to  the perils of brake dust.  We have shown here a selection of alloys presenting many of the common complaints we see come through our doors at our West London based alloy wheel refurbishment centre.


Once the alloys have arrived, they are carefully removed and then chemically stripped by one of our trained technicians. A powder coat is then applied before the base coat of silver paint is added, as illustrated by these images.


At Diamond Alloys we can add many different finishes to your alloys to bring them back to their shining glory. If you want a standard silver finish, we recommend our standard refurbishment process, for something a little more design led, we recommend a Diamond Cut. For those looking for an individual look, like these rainbow metal flake  alloys pictured here, we recommend you talk to one of our highly skilled paint technicians who will be able to advise what they can offer (mostly anything!). Once the paint effect has been applied to the alloy, 2 coats of lacquer are added to help protect the finish from the elements.


For a final finishing touch, these wheels have had a Diamond Cut lip added and a further two coats of protective lacquer applied. Once they have dried and have been carefully inspected, the alloys ready to be re-fitted to the wheels. Re-valve, balance and refitting services are FREE and all part of the service at Diamond Alloys. If you are looking to have a custom finish applied to your alloys, give us a call on 0845 370 8111 and we will be happy to give you a quote!


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