Why Buy New Alloys Wheels When a Refurbishment Can Offer a Stunning Repair

If you have been leasing a car, or if you are looking to sell your car, you will most definitely want to ensure it is looking in tip top condition.A couple of stone chips, curbing damage and scratches could all result in a hefty bill from the lease car or a smaller sales value.

To replace the alloys can also be costly, so you should consider having your alloy wheels repaired at a specialist alloy wheel repair centre like Diamond Alloys.

Take a look at the damages on these wheels, which just arrived, all of which can be easily repaired by our trained technicians quickly and efficiently.

You can choose from a range of alloy wheel refurbishments including a custom repair, a standard refurbishment or our most popular service a Diamond Cut.

We guarantee you’ll be impressed with the result, especially when you come to sell your car. If you are not looking to sell, you can always treat your car to a new look! Here are some of our latest repairs to tempt you.




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