Where would we be without wheels?

From some of the pictures that have already been revealed, Renaud Marion’s rendering of wheel-less vehicles is taking the online world by storm. The French artist has called his series of photographs ‘Air Drive’ and it definitely gives a futuristic look on how cars could work without wheels. Traditional thinking would be that wheels are essential features of any car which is why ‘Air Drive’ is so compelling. Marion said that he was inspired by classic cartoon series like the Jetsons and 80s classics like Back to the Future.

Marion envisioned wheel-less cars on models like the Mercedes-Benz SL, the Cadillac DeVille and the Jaguar XK120. The results in the photography look almost cosmic, like cars that belong in outer space with NASA probes. This photography series proves the importance of wheels in being the defining features that make a car truly a car. This is one thing that all enthusiasts from Ferrari fans to Lamborghini aficionados can agree on – the wheels make the car the finished product we expect.

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