What you need to know about brake dust

Brake dust is the scourge of anyone who loves cars. It can go into tyres and wheels without mercy and once it is there, it has a corrosive effect on your car. The disadvantages of brake dust include that it can decay the clear coat finishes on the wheels of your car, as well as corroding alloy wheels made from aluminium. This is definitely something that the majority of drivers want to avoid which is why you should use some of the following tips:

• Use appropriate accessories: Cloths are going to be crucial for you when treating brake dust. Even if you take your car to a garage, there will be some home maintenance that you need to do. Always ensure that you have clean cloths without any bacteria on them to ensure that you are cleaning brake dust effectively.

• Find cleaners in your budget: The car industry has manufactured many options for wheel cleaners to suit all types of drivers. While it might seem like a cost that you don’t want to pay initially, it will pay dividends for itself later on for you. Wheel cleaners can be used to tackle brake dust as it settles and to fight the build up of additional brake dust later on.

• Going to the car wash: Having your car checked out every now and then is recommended to avoid the build up of brake dust. One effective tip is going to a thorough car wash where industrial techniques are used. This will help to keep brake dust down to a minimum and it does not involve a lot of heavy lifting from you.

Brake dust is a fact of life for any car that is made from cast-iron and all modern cars suffer from it. Use these preventative tips to ensure that brake dust is kept under control and the life of your newly restored alloys is maintained.

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