What Drivers Need to Know About Potholes

Current statistics show that there are around 1.6 million potholes in England and Wales that affect motorists. Research from Kwik Fit found that one in five motorists has tried to avoid oncoming traffic when a pothole is spotted ahead. Potholes are the subject of much controversy and frustration for many drivers because of the damage that they can cause including dents, scratches and excessive wear to the tyres of your car. According to Kwik Fit research, over 7 million Brits have damage their vehicles from driving over  potholes.

Where are people most affected by potholes?
This is a problem that affects the UK as a whole; however, there are some regional trends that exist. Some of the pothole problems are experienced in regions such as:
• The West Midlands: over 70% of drivers in the West Midlands say that they have to take matters into their own hands to avoid potholes.

• Scotland: Over 40% of those surveyed by Kwik Fit said they had to take evasive action against potholes.

• Wales and the South West: Both regions have responded with 29% of drivers saying they avoid potholes.

What’s the damage?
It ranges from issues affecting the suspension, wheels and bodywork of the car. The exhaust system is also affected from potholes. If your tyres are losing air, it might be down to a dent in the alloy caused by a pot hole.

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