Transforming corroded alloy wheels to a beautiful new finish

image3 Alloy wheels can get into a pretty sorry state, picking up break dust, scratches and scrapes every day on the road. Alloys can also become corroded over time, like these BMW wheels pictured here. However, there is no need to replace these wheels with new ones because Diamond Alloys can bring them back to life and looking great in only a few days, saving you lots of money!


These rims are slight more complicated to refurbish compared to standard rims because they are split rims, which means they need to be taken apart before refurbishment can commence.


photo 4These particular alloys were badly corroded in addition to having brake dust. Our technicians put these alloys into our acid bath to remove all the corrosion before aqua blasting them to remove any residue corrosion, paint and dirt. Next they are prepped, powder coated before being spray painted, diamond cut and finally lacquered for protection.


As you will see, the result is stunning. The silver painted centre section is set of beautifully against the diamond cut lip of the outer rim.


If you need your split rim alloys repaired or refurbished, then give Diamond Alloys a call on 0845 370 8881 or email us some pictures and we will be happy to give you a great price.

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