The Gallardo Glides With a New Set of Wheels

When PUR Wheels start a project, you know that near-perfection is on the cards. The New York based company prides itself on creating bespoke forged wheels. The specialist firm is unique in that it uses wheels to show off the beauty of the car as opposed to seeing wheels as just accents part of a car.

Keeping with the Italian flair of the Lamborghini, the wheels are painted in DavincI Red while PUR wheels also have the wheels in Lumière Grey and modern black. The company put PUR TEN alloy wheels to contrast with the dark grey shell of the Gallardo’s exterior. The alloys come in 19 inch to 22 inch with high gloss or matte finishes.  The wheels are framed with five-spoke wheel design.

You may not own a Lambo, but if you like the bespoke alloys on this Gallardo  and you are looking for something similar, call us on 0845 370 8881 and discuss your options with our trained technicians.

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