The Development of the Diamond Alloys Website

Technology is at the heart of every aspect of the Diamond Alloys business, and this started with our custom designed website.

The first stage of development focussed on the look and feel of the website. Design references were taken from the logo and incorporated throughout the site to have a seamless and ‘branded’ look. The resulting design is sleek and modern and reflects the core values of the business.

Once this look was agreed, a layout for the site was established to ensure it was user friendly and easy to navigate, ensuring the customer could easily access all the key information about the business, services available and prices applicable.

We wanted the site to be simple. We wanted to avoid too much clutter so that only what was required was seen. Transparency was also important; so that all clients could see the prices and know there were no hidden costs.

Use of images was also a key factor for us. We wanted customers to see the quality and variety of work we could do, to offer client reassurance and back up the claims we make.

The final stage of the front end website was to add a news page, so we can keep all customers up to date on all that is happening at Diamond Alloys, the development of the brand and refurbishment centre along with any industry news relating to alloy wheel repairs.

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