The dangers of driving with deflated tyres

Deflated tyres are some of the most common annoyances that happen to drivers. When you get a flat tyre, it tends to be when you least expect it. Arm yourself with the following information about the pitfalls of driving with a flat tyre.

Avoid high speeds

This will exert pressure on the suspension system of your car. This is because the deflated tyre will actually slow down necessary acceleration which could encourage drivers to try to go even faster. This affects the ability of their car to go at high speeds once the tyre is fixed.

Putting other motorists at risk

Other motorists can be in trouble if drivers with flat tyres insist on carrying on with their journey. This is especially true if you are braking a lot or if you forget to indicate in time. It could cause an accident which could lead to injury for other motorists.

Affects the transmission of your car Whether you are driving a manual car or an automatic, a deflated tyre will impact your ability to drive it smoothly. The transmission lies at the heart of whether a car will move seamlessly or whether it will be a tough ride on the road.

To take all these possibilities of risk away, simply see if you can repair the breakdown yourself. Another option is calling a breakdown specialist to see if they can help. Take the precautions that you need to as prevention goes a long way in your car driving experience.

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