The brand development process

The brand development process was one of the most important parts of the company identity, so it was important to get it right! This involved extensive research on the existing market by an industry specialist marketing company. Diamond Alloys wanted to create a look and feel which represented the core values of the company, whilst at the same time enabling clients to quickly identify the company logo as an alloy wheel specialist.

Early names proposed for the company used a combination of words to indicate the association with alloy wheel repairs. Names proposed and rejected included ‘Rimprove’, ‘Razorim’, ‘WheelForm’, ‘Revolve’ and ‘Refindedwheels’. However, it was felt that these names did not indicate the high levels of excellence the company want to achieve in its identity.

It was a sudden flash of inspiration when a team member came up with the idea of ‘Diamond Wheels’, as this suggested the association of the word Diamond with the prestigious stone. This was in addition to the diamond cutting technique which is the highest level process that we specialise in, so this seemed perfect. However, as the domain name was not available; a key factor for us as we use technology at the forefront of everything we do. After some searching and play with other words, the team were excited to find that Diamond Alloys was available and in fact a much more suitable name to represent our company and values. And so, Diamond Alloys was born.

Once the name was signed off, it was then down to the marketing company to prepare a series of logos to represent the new name. This was a lengthy process with many designs submitted and rejected for a variety of reasons including too abstract, too fussy, no visual identity to wheels, and so on. However, this essential process helped identify a colour scheme and font which was universally accepted by the team. The sticking point seemed to focus around the symbol for the wheel. A late night ensued at the office with the designer playing around with lots of ideas until the final concept of adding a circle and star (to represent the sparkle of the diamond and finish) around the spokes of the alloy was added to create our final confirmed logo. All agreed it had a simple but classy look which well represented the company and all it stood for.

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