the advantages of alloy

Alloy wheels have become the most common type of wheel on the road, becoming the standard on most cars now produced. The cosmetic value of alloy wheels is obvious, they simply look better than steel wheels, however there are other reasons that may not be immediately obvious as to why they have become so popular.


Alloys are much lighter than steel wheels and this significantly impacts on a car’s performance, alloy wheels make for better acceleration and more agile performance whilst steel wheels will lower the car’s centre of gravity and dampen acceleration. Why is this difference in weight so important when it makes up a fraction of the total weight of the car? The wheels are a dynamic part of the car subject to tremendous physical force when you accelerate and when you brake. The heavier a wheel is, the more energy is required to affect it. This has an obvious knock on effect for the performance of your car, but also means that parts of the car that interact with the energy of a wheel, like shock absorbers, will wear faster. So a low weight on the wheel is important in a lot of ways.


As well as it just looking better, there are other cosmetic benefits that alloys offer. Alloy is easier to work than steel and this opens the door to a range of customisation options for those who want their car looking that little bit extra special. Alloy wheels are also a better medium for painting on and can be finished in a variety of ways, like our Diamond cutting technique, for a better look.


So there you go, alloy wheels are the perfect choice because of their blend of practicality and beauty, making your car more responsive on the road and looking better whilst doing it.

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