Protect your alloys in style

rimbandsUsually, things that are designed to do you good are a bit on the boring side. (No offence, vegetables.) With alloy wheels, however, things are a bit different: rim bands can provide both added protection and style, all for a reasonable price.

Officially known as alloy wheel protectors, these clever devices are a stretchy band of tear-resistant, high-strength silicone rubber which fit snugly around the edge of alloy wheel rims. Their main function is to protect the surface of the wheel from damage caused by everyday driving mishaps such as hitting the kerb or driving over a pothole.

They’re an incredibly effective prevention tool because the fit is so snug: they have an extensive ‘tail’ section that folds into the barrel of the wheel and ensures that they can achieve the necessary amount of stretch. They’re further secured by five gripping ribs that ensure they constantly maintain an effective position.

The manufacturers have taken every care to ensure that the rim bands are as damage-proof as possible, and have even coated the bands in a special Flurobond sealant to protect them from brake dust. This ensures that they have the greatest possible lifespan, and provide incredible value to car owners who invest in these protective devices.

As you can see from these photographs, the rim bands also look great on your alloys. Here we have black gloss painted rim alloys, finished with contrasting red rim bands. It’s a subtle effect that gives the alloys a little aesthetic lift, providing a memorable feature without any effort on your part. The rim bands are available for 15”-22” wheels and come in nine colours: Black, Blue, Lime, Orange, Pink, Red, Silver, White and Yellow.


To discuss the options for your alloys, and to find out just how affordable these wheel-saving devices are, give us a call today on 0845 370 8881.


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