Party Event Of The Year Feature Our Alloy Wheels!

We were delighted to be invited to Signature Car Hire’s exclusive VIP party last week. As our biggest clients we felt honoured and it was a real thrill to see their supercars roll through the showroom adorned with our alloy wheels! Signature always choose the best, so it is no wonder that all the cars had stunning alloys on display and we are proud to know that Diamond Alloys is in charge of keeping them pristine and refurbished for Dee’s exacting clients. It was a great event, lavish and fun with plenty of hospitality and entertainment, but the car show was the highlight of the night. Plenty of drinks and stunning food was available and all the Diamond Alloys boys partied well into the night.
We’d like to extend a huge thanks to owner Dee, and for his continued support and exclusive contract! We cannot wait for the next event which we know will be even bigger and better!

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