Painted Audi A3 Alloy Wheel Reapir

Audi-alloy-wheel-repairWhatever make or model of car you have, if you have alloy wheels they will at some point sustain a scratch or scrape. Even if you are an expert at parking, the unexpected stone chip can do damage that can be easily repaired rather than a costly replacement.

Diamond Alloys is both a powder coat specialised and a diamond cut repair centre. All works are carried out on site ensuringĀ a speedy turnaround and guaranteed quality finish.


Take a look at these Audi A3 rims which just came in with just kerb damage around the edges of the alloy. Our skilled technicians stripped them in a chemical bath before sand blasting them. They were then prepped and powder coated for a smooth finish before the final layer of lacquer for protection.

If your rims need a bit of love and attention, then pop down to Diamond Alloys West London; we are just off the A40 at Target Roundabout, and we will give you some good advice and a great quote!

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