Our Latest Happy Customer at Diamond Alloys Wheel Refurbishment Centre

At Diamond Alloys we are always excited when it comes to refurbishing alloys for rare and iconic cars. One of our most recent customers Chirag wanted his Ford Sierra RS Cosworth refurbished as another company had done a poor job and he was not satisfied with the results. Chirag was keen to ensure his alloys really were finished to an excellent condition because his Ford Sierra Cosworth is such a precious car, especially to him.


At Diamond Alloys we offer a professional service to the highest standards and our technicians are trained to treat every alloy the same; it makes no difference if they are a supercar, a classic car or an everyday run around, they all get star treatment. Take a look at the Chirag’s stunning alloy wheels which have been painted Silver and you will understand why Chirag was truly astonished when he came into our wheel refurbishment centre to collect his newly finished wheels.




Chirag was very impressed, not only because his alloys looked exactly how he wanted, but also with the service that came with the work. He said: “I was really impressed by the helpfulness and the knowledge of the staff and Manager.  Wish I had come to you in the first place!” If you compare the finished result to the alloys when they arrive you will understand why Chirag was so happy. Chirag also went on to say “Really impressed with the service this morning.  The silver is lovely it will really stand out with the  polished outers. Your guys are switched on! You may hear people coming in mentioning my name and asking for you, as I will be telling people at shows and clubs about you guys.” In fact Chirag was so happy that he is bringing his Audi S3 alloys in next week for a total refurbishment too!


At Diamond Alloys you can choose from a range of alloy wheel refurbishments including a bespoke alloys service, a standard refurbishment or our most popular service a Diamond Cut.  If you are looking to have a custom finish applied to your alloys, give us a call on 0845 370 8111 and we will be happy to give you a quote! Re-valve, balance and refitting services are FREE and all part of the service at Diamond Alloys.

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