Our Latest Custom Finish Service

Alloy wheels look great, but every day wear and tear from kirbing along with deterioration from brake dust will eventually make them lose their lustre.

Just take a look at how badly these alloy wheels were when they arrived to our alloy wheel refurbishment centre for our standard alloy repair.

With some care and attention from our technicians they looked shiny and new! Take a close look at these alloys, which have been given a standard refurbishment.

Our trained technicians are highly skilled and work closely with clients to ensure their allow wheels get the refurbishment they desire. We have plenty of options available to achieve bespoke alloys, diamond cut or a standard finish.

If your alloys have seen better days, had a few scrapes and dents, then give us a call on 0845 370 8881 and we can recommend a service for you. Don’t forget, we offer re-valve, balancing and re-fitting services for FREE!

To make sure your alloys keep looking their best for longer, be sure to read our advice on caring  for your alloy wheels after a refurbishment too.

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