Mercedes Multi Spoke Alloys Get a Custom Diamond Cut Refurbishment

IMG_9309-2Take a look at these multi spoke Mercedes alloy wheels. When they came in they were very badly corroded around the face of the whole alloy which meant our guys had to chemically strip them back to metal and then sand blast them before being carefully prepped for the base powder coat.

This type of alloy wheel is normally Diamond Cut on the whole face, but to meet the clients request the technician had to customise the cut so that just the lip was diamond cut. We are always happy to chat with our customers so they know what can be achieved, customising where

diamond-cut-alloy-wheelpossible to produce a finished look any customer would be happy with.

If your alloy wheels are damaged or corroded, give Diamond Alloys in West London a call on 0845 370 8881 or get a quotation here. Remember, we give a better price if you have all 4 wheels  repaired at the same time!



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