Matte black Lamborghini LP 570 Superleggera with ADV.1 wheels

The Lamborghini LP570 Superleggera has been customised in a new finish thanks to ADV.1 wheels. The beauty of this tuned Lamborghini does not just stop with new wheels that make driving this Lambo fun. These wheels are 20 inch alloys which are lightweight and finished in matte black.

The owner went beyond that by also requesting a new paint job for the exterior. The exact hue of what the owner received was the OEM matte black colour. It wraps the whole car in solid black, the ideal colour for the Superleggera.

One of the current trends that owners are requesting for extra work on their supercars includes pops of colour throughout the car. This can be seen on this LP570 Superleggera with green accents such as the Verde Ithaca green callipers and the rear wing which also has green accents. Shots of colour on sleek matte black exteriors on cars like the LP570 make them stand out even more by adding new dimensions to the car.

The Superleggera also has additional features in this tune-up that included carbon bucket seats and a front bumper. From the new ADV.1 wheels to these additional parts, this Superleggera was customised to exactly what the owner wants.

You may not own a Lambo, but if you like the bespoken alloys on this Gallardo LP570 and you are looking for something similar, call us on 0845 370 8881 and discuss your options with our trained technicians.

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