Keep an eye on your alloys this winter

As we saw on the M25 recently, when a large swathe of the road was closed for several hours thanks to foot-deep craters in the tarmac, potholes are a serious problem. Even the smaller ones you encounter on everyday journeys can cause damage to your wheels and tyres – and with the cold weather approaching these potholes are only going to increase in number. It’s not just potholes that can be problematic, however, even speedbumps can have the same effect!

These road features are a particular problem because they can cause dents and cracks. This is of especial concern to those with large alloys, as these require tyres with lower-profile sidewalls, which are more likely to sustain crack damage because there is less surface area and less flexibility to absorb impacts. Even the most careful drivers can be subject to the odd knock or bump, and so it’s important to constantly check your wheels and tyres.

The easiest way to check for cracks is to regularly check your tyre pressure. If the air in a tyre goes down faster than usual, this is usually a reliable indicator that you have a small crack or dent – even if you can’t see it with the naked eye. It’s obviously unwise to continue driving on this wheel, particularly because in these wet conditions a large amount of water could be seeping in through the crack, getting underneath the alloy’s protective layer and corroding what’s underneath.

The good news, however, is that you don’t need to buy new alloys if this problem occurs. Diamond Alloys have a high quality welding service that will have your alloys looking as good as new, not to mention performing like they did when you first got them. Our experts examine every inch of your alloys and wheels before repairing and balancing them, giving you a thorough alloy wheel service that usually takes less than 24 hours.

Want to know how the repair service works? We start by grinding out both sides of the crack to remove any contamination, then weld either side to ensure that the repair has maximum strength. Once this is completed, we grind down the weld so it’s flush with the rest of the alloy, ensuring that it doesn’t damage the inside of the tyre. If you’re concerned about aesthetics, we can also refurbish the entire alloy to have it sparkling like new.


If you’d like a quotation for repairing cracks you’ve spotted, or think there’s a problem and would like our experts to take a look, get in touch today.

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