Investing in New Alloy Wheel Repair Technology and Equipment

machine-breathe-rightAt Diamond Alloys we are continually evaluating our equipment to ensure we have the latest state of the art technology to produce the best finish for your alloy wheels alongside the quickest turnaround. We are proud to announce that yet another piece of painting equipment has been added to our spacious and well equipped alloy wheel refurbishment centre.

The Breatherite and Wheel booth is primarily used for localised extraction of paint and fume particles. The polluted air is extracted via a specific suction head and directed into the suction hose and into the filter unit. Here, the particles are collected. The clean air passes the fan and returns into the room via the exhaust grid at the back of the unit.

What does this mean to our customers? Simply to improve the turnaround time on individual wheel refurbishment to ensure your alloys and car are back on the road in the shortest time possible, something which we know is important to our cleints.

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