How to care for wheels and tyres

What you need to know about maintaining your wheels and tyres


Wheels and tyres of a car the platform it needs to stand tall when stationary and they give the car the ability to move well on the road so maintaining the wheels and tyres of your car is extremely important.



What affects wheels and tyres?


Tyres and wheels are subject to the elements like any part of your car. The types of things that can affect their condition include:

• Brake dust

• Dirt

• Grime

• Soil and tough terrain (if off-road)


Tips you should use to care for wheels and tyres

• Clean your wheels with non-acidic solutions: One commonly accepted view is that you should avoid using acidic or chemical cleaners when you want to clean your wheels once a week. Avoiding acidic cleaners is important because they affect the condition of your wheels.

• Avoid mechanical car washes: The types of brushes that are used in some mechanical car washes can have a negative impact on your wheels. You don’t want your brand new alloys to look different than from when you bought them which is why you should consider washing your wheels down yourself or having a professional to do it. This helps to maintain the life span of your wheels.

• Use microfibre wash mitts: These are good accessories to have when you are cleaning your wheels and tyres because they are efficient without being abrasive. They are also practical which makes them popular with car enthusiasts who want to maintain their cars to the highest standards.

• Clean your tools: When you have finished cleaning your wheels and tyres, it is important to wash the tools that you have used so that they don’t have any debris or grime on them for the next time that you need them.

Caring for wheels and tyres is something that is fun and it is also exciting because you know by doing it you are keeping your car in shape. Follow these top tips to keep your car in good working order for your needs whether you use it as a daily driver or for leisure.

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