How Road Wheel Weights Affect the Performance of Your Car

Wheel weight is one of the most important features of a car. It might not be able obvious to the naked eye initially but wheel weight plays a crucial role in how your car works. Magnesium wheels are the most common types of wheels used for track and motorsport because of how lightweight they are. However, they are not strong enough for road use which is why manufacturers of wheels are responding to this by creating lightweight aluminium alloy wheels.

Manufacturers know that less weight on a car will make it a sharper and smoother ride. One of the first places that weight can be shaved off a car is the wheels. Manufacturers want to reduce the unsprung weight. This is defined as the weight of the springs of the car when the car is in motion on rough surfaces. In additional to the rotational weight of the car, manufacturers are looking at all aspects of the wheels to keep the weight down. Less weight means that the car uses less energy to move. This lies at the core of a car being performance-enhanced for motorists who want a car that performs to the high standards they require for luxurious and sporty driving.

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