How Do Winter Wheels Work?

Winter wheels are a rising sector of the tyres and car accessories market with drivers. One of the main reasons why winter wheels are chosen by motorists is because of the extra grip that they give cars.  In Europe, it is common to have a separate set of tyres for winter and summer. This is why it is so surprising for the UK that only summer tyres are used for winter. This presents a huge opportunity for motorists to improve the quality of their driving during winter.

Should we change our approach to winter wheels?
Winter wheels are not subject to the harsh realities of winter or the tough roads that you can come across that can have potholes, for example. Protecting our cars means choosing winter wheels can go a long way especially if winter is a prolonged season and if there are more weather elements such as snow and ice.

One fun fact about these types of wheels is they have ‘sipes’. These are grooves in the tyres that allow the car to grip the surface that it is on easily. This is why the motorists in the UK should consider transitioning to winter wheels.

Winter wheels are not just about extreme weather. They transform cars during winter to be the vehicles that we expect them to be.

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