Getting to Know The Boss – Phil Murdoch

Phil Murdoch has been working with cars since he left school. Starting as a painter, Phil worked in this position for ten years, building experience and knowledge until he was ready to move on. Phil then moved into the alloy wheel refurbishment business, going it alone and taking his expertise on the road with a mobile alloy repair service. However, he quickly realised that a mobile business was inherently limited, and that there was perhaps a greater opportunity out there for the taking.


After extensive research, Phil decided to invest £500,000 into a new business, Diamond Alloys, with a permanent alloy refurbishment centre. Targeting the prestige car market, Phil was banking on the luxury car community being above the credit crunch to bring in reliable high quality business. “Knowing that no matter what level of service is being offered, the customer is always looking for a good deal and a fast service,” Phil made these a focus of Diamond Alloys, which has continued to gain customers and grow, with a healthy future ahead of it.

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