Get a New Look For Your Alloys

Not all alloy wheel refurbishments are booked because they are scuffed or damaged. Many Diamond Alloys customers come to our refurbishment because they want to give their alloys an updated look.


We have a team of alloy wheel specialists who are on hand to be able to advise customers on a range of finishes including diamond cutting, standard painted refurbishments and bespoke custom refurbishments, in fact we can do most things, the only limitation is your imagination!


Take a look at the alloys off this Volvo. These 18” alloys wheels received a brand new glossy black makeover, transforming them from their original look.

Volvo-alloys- before-and-after-refurbishment


Do you want to give your car a new look? Having your alloy wheels updated with a new finish is a great way without having to outlay too much cash! Remember, get all 4 wheels refurbished at the same time and we will give you a discounted price! Call us on 0845 370 8881 today to discuss your options.


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