Forging Alloy Wheels

Forging is an increasingly popular method for crafting alloy wheels, which involves machining the entire wheel out of a single solid block of forged alloy. Whilst it is a more expensive process than casting, forging has gained popularity through two significant advantages it offers over other processes.

Because it is machined from a single alloy block, forged alloy wheels are inherently more strong than other similar alloys. Increased strength is great, but the real benefit of forged alloys is that they can be in excess of 30% lighter than other alloy wheels. Saving weight is important for high performance cars, but also for economy – as the more weight the vehicle is carrying, especially in the wheels, then the more energy it takes to accelerate and decelerate.

Have a look at this video to see the casting process in action and watch the design of the hub and spokes being machines directly out of the alloy block.

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