Diamond Cut – Attention To Detail


Diamond Alloys has quickly become known for its excellent alloy wheel refurbishment services which include Diamond Cutting, Standard Refurbishment and also Customisation.


When it comes to Diamond Cutting, our customers get the best. Our technicians are fully qualified, highly skilled which means each alloy gets the attention it deserves to ensure the finish is first class. Whether it’s a little scuff, dent, or chip, our Diamond Cut machine pin points exactly where the damage is and how much cutting is needed for the alloy to look brand new again.


As pictured above, these alloys wheels are the results of a Diamond Cutting process which is extremely precise; a finish which cannot be done by hand. The Diamond Cutting machine uses laser technology for damage you can’t see. Once the data has gone through the machine, the Diamond Cutting process starts by slowly and gradually coming closer and closer to the alloy and cutting off an incredibly thin layer of the alloy. It then moves back and goes ahead with the procedure once again making sure any damage isn’t missed.


The machine spins the alloy at very high speeds with a rotary cylinder that holds the alloy in place. On the end of the machine, an incredibly precise sharp blade is located which has an electric mechanism beneath it for the machine to slide in and out smoothly, assuring the alloy is not damaged by the high speed cutting of the blade.


Laser technology is the latest cutting-edge technology on alloy wheel refurbishment equipment, so it was with no hesitation that we chose the latest and best laser technology available. The laser helps the machine to be as accurate as possible by scanning the whole alloy before any movement in the machine pin pointing the exact locations of the damage.


Our clients vary from big companies such as Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, to the usual accidental curbing by an individual driver. No matter how big or small the job, we strive to make sure your alloys don’t leave our workshop until they look perfect.


If you need your alloys refurbished or if you have a custom request, make sure you give us a call on 0845 370 8881 or email us at sales@diamondalloys.co.uk


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