Diamond Alloys – One Of A Kind Service


At Diamond Alloys, we take our work very seriously. We have hundreds of enquiries from big names like Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Mercedes. This motivates us to go further and expand our business to a point which we believe no other alloy refurbishment company can touch. We take care of our image and brand to ensure all companies and customers are happy with our service.


We inspect every wheel like we’re inspecting a diamond, hence our name. No matter how big the customer, whether it’s Bentley or someone who’s just accidentally curbed their wheels, we treat everyone with equal amounts of respect and service.


The goal for us is to be number one, and we believe the way we will continue to do this is by providing an alloy service that no one else can touch. We do this by not only using a Diamond Cutting technique which is latest technology available, but by offering this on a 24 hour service.


The Diamond Cut is a special cutting treatment which gets rid of a thin layer of your alloy so the alloy can get back to its shining beginnings; it is extremely precise and cannot be done by hand. Customers have praised us for our hard work and have benefited from our precise work.


At our center, we have highly trained and experienced technicians with award winning skills which treat a client’s alloys as their own to give maximum effort. Our technicians also experiment new techniques with test alloys so we can offer newer services that other company cannot offer.


We also specialize in delivery and pickup. If you decide to choose our collection and delivery service, we will handle your alloys with care. If you decide you want to drop them off, we can cater for that too. These are just a few of the services we provide.


Diamond Alloys is located in West London, for full details visit the Contact page.

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