Diamond Alloys – always using the best tools for the job

Over the last few weeks we’ve been introducing you to some of the machinery we use here at Diamond Alloys, looking at the benefits they give to us – and to you. This time we will be looking at our SATAjet 3000 HVLP, a great high performance paint gun that we use for all of our colour, primer and lacquer application.


To help describe how this piece of kit works, let’s look at the acronym in its name. HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure, a kind of spray gun that as the name suggests requires a lower pressure and uses a high volume of air to propel the paint at this lower pressure. This is great because it allows for more precise painting as there’s a reduced ‘overspray’ of paint on the alloy surface, and can mean paint expenditure is reduced up to 30%. HVLP’s are also more green because the reduced pressure requirement means a reduction in air pollution.


The particular model we use has a large fan which gives us a high flow of paint, which contributes to our ability to work very quickly, as does its rapid air cap change. Another advantage is the smaller size of the gun, and its brilliantly low weight, which make working with it much easier.

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