Development of the Diamond Alloys brand

Developing the Diamond Alloy brand was extremely important. The process started with the company name which came as sudden inspiration, and was chosen to reinforce an identity of premium quality, market leading and also easily identified the business as an alloy wheel repair company.


Once the name was established, the company logo was developed. The marketing and design company were given a clear brief to develop a logo which easily identified what we do in a visual but also reflected our core values of quality and assurance. Diamond cutting is considered a premium finish, so a shiny finish and sparkle was added to our logo to reflect this.


 Diamond Alloys as a company uses the latest refurbishment techniques, and this cutting edge approach is applied to all aspects of the business, including the design and functionality of the website.


The look of the site is classy and stylish, although it is secondary to the functionality of the site which is user friendly and easy to navigate. Users can easily find the refurbishment technique they are looking for and see prices clearly. There is even a gallery of images to show the range of work we do and offer assurance to the client that the finish matches our claims of excellence. The site also offers a handy frequently asked questions page (FAQ) and a news page to keep users up to date on all the latest industry and Diamond Alloys news.


We hope that all clients recognise the levels of professionalism, the quality of our workmanship, high levels of service and cutting edge techniques we use at Diamond Alloys.

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