Constructions Starts on the Diamond Alloys Refurbishment Centre

The Diamond Alloys Refurbishment Centre will be a state of the art unit when complete, so it was important to plan and design the unit to allow for our vision of quality and service to be achieved. These images show the initial construction and basic shape of the working space that will be transformed into the UK’s leading alloy wheel refurbishment centre.

The 2000 square foot premises allows for a well-structured design to fulfil all of our design requirements.

Not only is it extravagant in size, but it will boast the latest in Diamond cutting machinery and technology to ensure it is the leading alloy wheel refurbishment business in the industry.

The centre has been ergonomically planned, so that the flow of work from stripping back to finishing is efficient, ensuring that the companies promise of a 24 hour turnaround is always achieved.

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